Stretch Knits

Sewing with jersey and stretch fabrics (slouchy tee shirt)

This course is aimed at confident beginners and improvers who have started on their journey in dressmaking and have made a few projects and are confident using their machine and the basics.

Today many more fabrics have stretch fibers in, we are also wearing clothing with stretch for more comfort, this fabric has become a staple in wardrobes and across dress styles from work wear to casual wear and isn’t going away, we are seeing new fabrics every year introduced and stretch is BIG on the list.

Sewing with stretch fabrics isn’t something to be fearful of, with the right knowledge and approach you can start making your own tee shirts and lounge wear and get a great fit. Without using special machines you can start sewing with stretch.

Skill Level
Adventurous/Confident Beginner

What you learn

• Dispelling the myths and understanding the difference between woven and knit fabrics

• Choosing fabrics for a beginner
• Patterns for stretch fabrics (can you adapt and use any patterns?)
• Sewing with stretch and our tips and techniques for a better finish and hemming
• Machines and explaining the serger/overlocker/coverlock Vs your domestic machine adapting and working with this to get great garments.

What you make

• A simple soft fit tee shirt with a pattern you will be given to take away and re use over and over again
• We make this step by step with clear and simple instructions
• We give you some hot tips and ideas about how to adapt and change this to pimp up your tee shirt and start being a bit more creative

We provide

All Equipment, Pins, scissors and patterns.
We have all the equipment, please bring a bite to eat for lunch time and we supply the tea/coffee & cake.


10 – 4pm


£65 – excludes materials

Please bring your own fabrics to this workshop (we will send you a detailed list of sources and fabric required after signing up) or we do have a limited selection of simple fabrics but please let us know beforehand and pop in to the studio and choose.


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