Featured Class: The Essential his/her Apron »

Beginners – A perfect class following the Sewing Machine Driver’s Licence or beginners one day class What you learn Review and recap of the sewing machine basic through explanations and demos on threading and winding the bobbin, different stiches and their functions. Throughout the day you will build up your sewing skills and also your […]

Introduction to Embroidery »

Learn the basics of hand embroidery. Even for the student who has never held a needle and thread, they will leave this class wanting to embroider on everything! Starting with an introduction to embroidery and discussing the essential tools for hand embroidery, we teach five embroidery stitches (including the dreaded French Knot) demonstrate various methods […]

Mastering Buttonholes »

Learn about the types of buttonholes and buttons, when to use which type, and how to properly construct them. Practice placement and markings of buttonholes, as well as correct placement and sewing on off buttons.  Skill Level This is for people who already know how to sew on a machine not Absolute Beginners Confident Beginner  What […]

Children’s Clothes »

During this one workshop you learn how to make a pair of simple PJ’s for your little one 6 months – 4 years This class is suitable for those who can thread up a sewing machine and know the basics *if you have already completed any of our Introduction to Machine Sewing class then this […]

Beaded Embroidery »

This is a hand sewing class and focused on introducing you to techniques that can be used and applied to the surface of fabrics  to embellish fabrics with beads known as ‘beaded embroidery’ for garments and interior projects. We cover some basic techniques and different ways to attach beads including single and couching techniques and […]

Mastering Collars and Cuffs »

This is a skills based workshop aimed at students who want to start taking their dressmaking a bit more seriously. It’s the beginning of the journey towards finer dressmaking details and grasping some tailoring basics. Once you have made some basic items and you have reasonable confidence on your machine you will be keen to […]

Hemlines »

Practically every garment you are going to sew will need some kind of hemline, and there are so many options and ways to achieve them. Many of these will depend on the type of fabric you are sewing and sometimes the type of garment structure or look you want to achieve. For example a knit […]