The Essential Unisex Apron Sewing »

A perfect class following the Sewing Machine Drivers licenceor beginners one day class this takes you to the next level. What you learn: Review and recap of the sewing machine basics, information on different fabrics and applicable stitches, beginners garment construction, following a pattern  applying these to make a simple project. Throughout the day you […]

Teens Sewing »

Just the best class to get your KEEN TEEN into or improving SEWING SKILLS! Mostly sewing on the machine but with a little bit of hand sewing involved. We take a White shirt and REPURPOSE it, changing buttons/adding a new collar/cuffs and tweaking the shape all while advancing their sewing skills on the machine and […]

Sew an apron »

A perfect class following the Sewing Machine Driver’s licence or beginners one day class this takes you to the next level, building your confidence and skills, Throughout the day you will build up your sewing skills and also your confidence as you learn the essentials to get you sewing confidently. By the end of the […]

Introduction to Women’s Pattern Cutting »

This is for confident dressmakers who have completed a good number of dressmaking projects and have a good knowledge base of the essential skills and techniques. Ever wanted to just make your own designs a reality? Do you feel you are paying too much for commercial paper patterns or want to understand how to create […]

Mastering Collars and Cuffs »

This is a skills based workshop aimed at students who want to start taking their dressmaking a bit more seriously. It’s the beginning of the journey towards finer dressmaking details and grasping some tailoring basics. Once you have made some basic items and you have reasonable confidence on your machine you will be keen to […]

Hemlines »

Practically every garment you are going to sew will need some kind of hemline, and there are so many options and ways to achieve them. Many of these will depend on the type of fabric you are sewing and sometimes the type of garment structure or look you want to achieve. For example a knit […]