Beginners Sewing Classes in Lewisham

Do you live in Lewisham and want to know how to sew or improve your sewing skills? Or maybe you want a refresher? We are here at the Sewing School and we want to help. We have a team of keen professional teachers with a strong background in both industry and education who are super keen to pass on their knowledge. We say Don’t Dream It, Sew It! and this really is our motto!

We absolutely love teaching our skills to everyone. Sewing is a fantastic life skill, just a little basic knowledge  and you can easily take care of your clothes, remake and repurpose old clothes, make great gifts for family and friends and have a great hobby too! Not only is sewing a valuable skill to use in everyday life it has been proven to be an effective way to combat depression, reduce stress.

The satisfaction of making something with your hands can boost your mental health and this improves your immune system. An all-round must for ages and genders.  Everyone should have sewing in their life!

Take a look at what we do… if you enrol on one of our Absolute Beginners Classes in May you will get a whooping 20% discount using the code Maymaker22 we can’t wait to see you around! We are based in Beckenham Place Park.