Sustainable Art Printing Course

Join us for a creative journey in our Sustainable Art Printing course designed for kids and teens! Over three engaging mornings, young artists of all ages will dive into the fascinating world of printmaking. This hands-on course will cover a variety of techniques, including lino printing, mono printing, and nature printing, with a special emphasis on sustainable practices and applications on textiles.

Techniques covered:
Lino Printing: Learn the art of carving and printing from linoleum blocks.
Mono Printing: Explore the unique and spontaneous world of mono printing.
Nature Printing:Create beautiful prints using elements from nature like leaves and flowers. (bring your own if you like)
Textile Applications: Discover how to apply these printing techniques on fabrics and textiles.
Additional Fun Techniques: Various other exciting and sustainable printing methods to inspire creativity and using your art work in textile applications.

What you will learn
Hands-On Learning: Each session will be interactive, allowing students to create their own prints and textiles.
Sustainability Focus: Emphasis on using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices. (bring items to print on if you like)
Creative Exploration: Encouragement to experiment and express individual creativity through different printing techniques.
Finished Projects: By the end of the course, students will have a collection of their own printed artworks and textile pieces.

Materials provided:

  • All necessary printing materials and tools.
  • Eco-friendly inks and textiles.
  • Nature elements for printing.


  • Develop artistic skills and creativity.
  • Learn about sustainable art practices.
  • Create unique, personalised art pieces.
  • Enjoy a fun and educational experience in a supportive environment.

Enrol your young artists today for a sustainable and creative adventure in art printing!

Timing: 3 day course

Cost: £100

You will need to bring your own food and drinks for breaks and wear clothes that are not too precious in addition be prepared for a walk in the park!