Absolute Beginners Crochet

The Granny Square

This workshop is for anyone who has completed a basic class and has learnt how to cast on up to treble stitch. We will do a short re-cap on the basics but we do prefer that you have attended a beginners taster class or similar.

Granny squares are a great project to start your journey into the Yarn universe, lots of projects small and big are super achievable for beginners who start with a granny square, its very satisfying because they are quick to make and simple. You can make loads of things our of these lovely little squares of Yarn and colour. Bags, scarves, jumpers blankets and hats.

What we cover in this course and what you will learn:

  • The basic stiches required to make the Granny square
  • Working out the patterns and reading instructions
  • A bit about yarn and needle sizes
  • Where to buy yarn
  • Joining pieces together

We will make:

  • A granny square in a block colour
  • If you master the first square quickly you will be able to mix and match colour’s and make another square
  • Instructions for making a simple scarf or blanket and mixing colurs together

We provide:

All yarn and hooks (which you can keep and take away)

Time: 3 hours

Cost: £40