Absolute Beginners Knitting

Knit your first garment

On this course you will learn how to do Knit & Purl stitches so you will feel confident to work from a commercial knitting pattern with the support from your teacher to knit your first garment. Confident beginners can choose a more complex pattern that will be provided by you teacher.

Skill Level: Beginner

What you learn: 

  • Knitted stitches, cast on cast off, knit and purl
  • Choose your pattern from a selection of patterns
  • Start to knit a swatch to check the gauge of your knitting
  • learn the terminology of knitting in how to read a pattern
  • start to knit your Garment

What you make: Describe exactly what the client will make and achieve

We Provide: Detail all the equipment we will provide and if they get any tools and materials included in the workshop

Time: 4-week course Fridays 1pm to 3pm