Green Teens Sew an Eco Bum Bag

The Bum Bag is back (parents might remember its formidable presence in their lives around shell suits and weekend raves pre-kids).

Make your own, personalise it and #BEUNIQUE or make it as a gift #KHYGREATGIFT

We think you are going to love this fashion class.

Skill Level:

  • Teen improvers (need to know how to use a machine and have made a few projects ages 10 – 14 years only)

What you learn:

  • Using a pattern and pattern pieces
  • Bag making skills and materials
  • Some basic knowledge about materials and equipment
  • Sewing in zips and using reinforcement techniques

What you make:

The best bag of the season (choice of fabrics available)

We Provide: All materials and equipment and the Pattern that you can use again.

Time: 3.5 hours
Cost: £30