Summer Sewing Camp – Homage to the 60s for Teens 11 – 14 years

Kick of the shoes…and join us in your sandals and shades for our Teens Summer camp this year our theme is the 1960s so if you didn’t catch us at the hippie trail camp you can join us in three days of fun 1960s themed sewing. Teens Homage to the 60s psychedelia was a subculture originating in the 1960s and spanned art, design and the free spirit culture of the 60s.
Day 1: Teens will be designing their own 1960s fashion we have 60s Groovy fabrics to inspire us and some patterns that we will use to hack our own designs.
Day 2Making your garment up (choices will be mini skirt, 60s shift or hippie t-shirt top (something for the sewing bee boys)
Day 3
If you complete your garment you will have the choice to make some cool 60s inspired accessories and we will add fabrication prints 
What you will learn:
  • Dressmaking to your own unique style 
  • Understanding pattern instructions
  • Cutting out on fabric, preparing your project for sewing and honing your sewing skills 
  • Making things neat and tidy by sewing in straight lines 
  • Design to make your items personal
Dates: Monday 5 August, Tuesday 6 August, Wednesday 7 August
Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £75 (3 days, all materials included)

Bring a snack and bags of energy to these classes it’s the perfect start to the sew summer holidays
We make every effort to ensure you complete the projects in the time frame
Booking is essential in advance no drop-ins and beginners need to complete our sewing driving licence or equivalent experience