Beginners Hoop Embroidery for Kids

Embroidery can be one of the most satisfying and also calming crafts,  it can be done pretty much anywhere so this is a great skill to learn for when you are traveling or simply hanging around waiting for someone!
No idle hands in this class, we teach a free style approach to using some basic stitches that can be also used for repairing your clothes, sewing on buttons and using your creativity at the same time.
Skill level
Absolute beginners and improvers
What you learn
  • Designing and using transfers
  • Some basic embroidery stitches
  • Applique
  • Button sewing
  • Building up colour and blending
What you make
A piece of Hoop art using old buttons and fabric and embroidery threads
We provide
All materials and equipment (you will be given threads and a hoop also to take home to keep in a nice box)
Cost £20
2.5 hours