Introduction to felting

Felt is one of the oldest known fabrics in the world. It’s made by wetting layers of wool roving and rubbing and rolling with soap until the fibres interlock to form a robust fabric.

In the morning you will start by making a flat piece of felt to learn the basic technique. You can decorate it with yarn, silk and other embellishments.

In the afternoon you will make a 3D object by felting around a resist. This could be a small bowl or a phone case. Again, you can decorate this in various ways.

What you learn:

  • Basic felting technique
  • The properties of different types of wool
  • The importance of allowing for shrinkage
  • How to use resists to make 3D felt objects

 What you make: A flat sample and a 3D sample

 We Provide: All materials, but please bring an old towel and a plastic bag to take your work home with you

 Time: 10am-4pm

 Cost: £55