Introduction to Women’s Pattern Cutting

This is for confident dressmakers who have completed a good number of dressmaking projects and have a good knowledge base of the essential skills and techniques.

Ever wanted to just make your own designs a reality? Do you feel you are paying too much for commercial paper patterns or want to understand how to create a better more professional fit that works with your own body shape? Then we believe this course is for you.

This step-by-step introductory pattern cutting course we will introduce you to the basic pattern drafting techniques for womens wear pattern cutting. From your own personal measurements you will create your own templates (block)

Making the key pattern pieces for the bodice , skirt and sleeve. You’ll get the opportunity to discuss different styles and how you can alter your patterns to create different shapes. The course will also cover a brief introduction to sizing and how you can modify your patterns for a better fit.

What you will learn:

 Pattern drafting, including dart design, and how to perfectly fit to your measurements

  • Taking accurate measurements
  • Understanding standard sizing and commercial pattern sizing
  • Skirt, Bodice and sleeve block construction
  • Facts and info about pattern blending and adaptations

 What You’ll Make:

  • First and final Patterns for SKIRT/BODICE and SLEEVE
  • Toiles (Calico garments of your patterns)

What’s Included:

  • All materials
  • Use of our excellent machines and specialized equipment
  • If you do wish to bring your own sewing machine we will need to know this before the course starts so that you are supplied with a list to ensure the machine is fully operational. To be fair to all our customers we want to avoid distractions of faulty or forgotten machines or missing equipment.

Course Length  10 sessions x 2 hours

Cost £200