Kids Lounge Pants Sewing Workshop

In this exciting new class, children aged 7 and above will have the opportunity to create their very own stylish lounge pants, perfect for getting cozy or as comfortable pyjama bottoms. To participate in this workshop, students must have previously attended our “Learn to Sew” lessons and completed a few sewing projects to ensure they have the necessary skills to undertake this slightly more advanced project.

Throughout the day, students will be guided step-by-step by our experienced instructors as they learn how to measure, cut, and sew fabric to create their own custom lounge pants. This workshop will not only enhance their sewing abilities but also foster creativity and self-expression as they select their preferred fabric and design elements.

The workshop will run from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm, allowing ample time for students to immerse themselves in the sewing process and complete their unique lounge pants. By the end of the day, they will leave with a sense of accomplishment and a comfortable garment they can proudly wear or lounge in.

Join us for a day of creativity, fun, and practical skill-building in our Kids Lounge Pants Sewing Workshop!

What’s included
Your fabric from our lovely selections (you can bring your own if you wish just ask us for details ) your pattern all the notions and use of our equipment.

Cost is £55
Class size 7/8

You must have completed your Sewing Driving Licence or equivalent to attend this class.