Befriend Your Overlocker

Do you have an overlocker that you hardly use? Maybe you haven’t even taken it out of the box, or are scared to use it? Then this class is for you!

Bring your own overlocker and learn how to thread it without fear, how and why to change settings and gain some fabulous overlocker tips to help you to continue your journey with your new best friend after the class is over!

Skill Level:

Confident Beginner


Anyone who has an overlocker already and wants to learn how to use it properly and/or more about it’s capabilities

What you’ll learn: 

  • Why use an overlocker?
  • Different stitches / effects you can achieve (including additional presser feet)
  • Overlocker anatomy
  • What thread and needles to use
  • How to thread your overlocker properly
  • Practice stitching and chaining off
  • What to do with the chain?
  • What should the stitch look like?
  • When to alter the tension
  • Changing from a 4 thread to a 3 thread stitch
  • Wide and narrow 3 thread stitches
  • Rolled hem
  • Flat lock
  • Stitching techniques – corners, circles, squares with no chain
  • Overlocking various fabric types
  • Using differential feed
  • Cleaning your machine
  • One last rethread of your machine before heading home!

What you’ll make: 

You’ll create a take home sample card, complete with real stitch samples you have created, and the settings needed for your machine to achieve a specific technique or overlock a specific fabric type. The perfect referral tool you’ll need when using your overlocker back at home, and reminder of what you can achieve with your own overlocker

We Provide:

  • Fabrics
  • Threads
  • Sample Cards

What you need to bring:

  • Your overlocker **Please make sure your overlocker is in full working order before the class**
  • Your overlocker manual
  • Power cable


Any additional accessories you have for your overlocker

Any fabrics or thread you’d like to try out or have had issues with in the past


One day 10 – 4pm (lunch break 45 mins bring your own lunch)

Cost: £75

Numbers: 6 people max