Make a Macrame Plant Hanger

Do you love the outdoors but lockdown has allowed you to enjoy it as much?

Bring the outdoors indoors by creating this beautiful Plant Hanger with the ancient and therapeutical practice of macrame.

In one and a half hours, we will be creating this beautiful piece using 3 classic macrame knots.

All cords supplied are made from recycled cotton sourced from unused fabrics coming from the fast fashion industry.

You can go classic and make it all in the same colour cord, or you can bring some colour into it, by choosing from a range of 10 colours.

 What you learn:

  • Learn 3 classic macrame knots and the incredible possibilities of macrame as an eco and mindful craft.
  • How creativity helps your brain feel better.
  • Eco craftivism, how you can make a difference by crafting

 What you make: A beautiful macrame plant hanger for your room. You use it to put your plants or vases.

 We Provide: Recycled cotton cords and wooden rings. Scissors, duct tape and rules will be provided but they are not to keep.

 Cost:  £20 per attendant.

Numbers:  6 to 8 people