Mend and repair sewing workshop

This is a hand sewing focused workshop which teaches you all the essential skills and techniques to repair garments and fabric items.

We teach you how to approach the most common repair problems to undertake basic alterations which you may often pay a fortune  to mend.

Hemming skirts and trousers, repairing rips and holes using fancy visible and creative mending techniques and sewing on missing buttons correctly. Patching and darning using the Sashiko method.

Skill Level:

  • Absolute Beginners
  • Beginners
  • Intermediate

What you learn:

  • 4/5 basic hand sewing stitches for use in many repairs
  • Hand hemming best stitches and techniques
  • Rips and holes using creative visible repair methods
  • Seam repairs top tips
  • Sewing buttons and fastenings and correctly sewing on badges and labels

What you make:

We will be practicing on plain fabrics, remnants and scraps to show you the techniques but will have FIX –IT round up at the end of the session, the idea of this session is to teach you the basic methods and techniques that are required for all Hand Sewing and repairs. Make sure you bring something of your own to either repair or for us to advise you on the best option to repair and restore.

We provide:

Materials and use hand sewing Equipment

We won’t be using Sewing machines in this session at all but we will be able to advise you on some fixes that can be made on a machine if required.

Time: 3 hours mornings or afternoon options

Cost: £50