Pattern Cutting & Creation - Improvers

This is a follow on class if you have completed our Parts 1 and 2 Pattern cutting for beginners, or have the equivalent experience you must have your three basic blocks – skirt/bodice and sleeve to enrol on this course. We ask that you have a good basic knowledge of making and construction garments form patterns and also have made at least two items with your own blocks. This course is a guidance course enabling students to start creating and blending their blocks to create their own designs and ideas. You can bring along your own story board of designs or our teacher will give you a small brief to follow. (i.e create a small collection of 2/3 garments which co-ordinate for instance a skirt suit and shirt or wrap dress and coat/jacket). The trouser block can be covered if required in this course as an alternative.We also advice purchasing a Adjustable Form for this class to bring along and fit.

Skill Level

  • Improvers
  • Experienced dressmakers

What you learn

• Blending Blocks to make your desired garment designs

• Pattern making terminology

• Grading basics

• Couture and professional skills to support the making side of the garments

What you make

In this serious of courses you create your patterns from blocks to your designs, you will need to invest additional time to MAKE up your garments as the class is focused on the PATTERN MAKING AND CREATION with support and direction on the making up.We provide Pattern making equipment and sewing room equipment

Time 10am-5pm (lunch break 1-2pm)


Term 1 26 February –26 March £135 (5 weeks)

Term 2 23 April -21 May £135 (5 weeks)

Term 3 11 June –16 July £135 (6 weeks)
We also offer a subscription option for the 3 terms please contact us if you are interested in this option