Positive Vision Board Creative Workshop for Kids & Teens

Great Days Only are a positive development movement helping kids fulfil their dreams through a creative umbrella of different products and services including vision board workshops to personal development and mentoring.
Our vision board workshops aim at bringing out your child’s inner artist or designer by creating a  vision board. The mood board  is a visualisation tool to build a collage of words and pictures that represent goals, dreams and aspirations. We all need a creative outlet and these workshops give you a great head start they are all fun and interactive. We show you nothing is impossible and how to let your imagination run wild.

Skill Level

Beginner (this is an introductory workshop that can be used in conjunction with other workshops)

What you learn

You will learn how to break down your goals and ideas and use vision boards as a tool to be used to help clarify them.
You will find out how to concentrate and maintain focus on specific life goals. Come and learn about yourself, who you are becoming. What you like now that you didn’t before. How to plan your project, organise and arrange with realistic achievable goal breakdown
Positive thinking and the self. Who we are as individuals is our responsibility. Everyone around us is a teacher. It is up to us as individuals to make positive choices for ourselves.

What you make

A beautiful happy vision board showing your goals and who you are now, a vision book and list to help you achieve and keep on track

We provide

All materials (but you are welcome to bring items that you might want to include and things that you know you want to share about who you are, what you like and things you love)

Monday 12 August

Time: 10 – 12pm (7-10 years), 1 – 3pm (11-14 years)

Cost: £20

Time: 10 – 12pm (7-10 years), 1 – 3pm (11-14 years)

Cost: £20