Sew Elf Stockings

We think ELF Stockings are far more Fun for the Kids! Check out our array of different ones we made for Santas-Elfs Over the years Santa always asks us to run up a few as obviously they get WORN out due to excessive Elf activities, so we thought why not make tis a class! This is a Fun and great class for anyone who has just started to sew, done the Driving licence or just wants more sewing practice. Oh and its also a great class to do with a friend. You can mix and match your Fabrics, create something unique and if you have time make a mini elf stocking or an elf friend for your stocking. This is a #KHYGREATGIFT keep it or Gift it to a friend, or bring a friend and make Matching Pairs.

Skill Level: Beginners (you need to have done a basic class like our Sewing licence give us a call and ask if you are not sure)

What you learn:

  • Using a pattern and cutting and piecing fabrics
  • Sewing seams straight and neat
  • Some hand sewing and adding trims

What you make:

A beautiful elf stocking created by yourself as a keepsake or for gifting and you might even be able to create a mini version too lots of extras for those with a bit more experience

We Provide: All materials and equipment

Time: 3 hours of pure sewing joy !

Cost: £25 per person