So Slow Workshop

Sew Slow Workshop

Sew Slow is a series of workshops designed to take you away from the stresses of everyday life. We know that the meditative qualities of sewing encourage feelings of positivity and relaxation, and in our Boro-inspired workshop, you will be learning about the therapeutic nature of hand stitching by creating a textile piece with a layered, collaged effect in the Boro style.

Boro is the Japanese art of mending originally employed by farmers in rural areas to prolong the life of their old fabrics (typically clothes and bedding) using patches and a simple running stitch (called Sashiko). The beauty of Boro is that it doesn’t have to be precise and is a creative way of using fabric scraps in an improvised way.

Skill Level:  all levels

 What you learn: 

  • The therapeutic benefits of sewing to create stillness as you stitch
  • The Boro technique
  • Simple Sashiko stitches
  • How to bring creativity into your practice
  • How to repurpose preloved fabrics into something new

What you make: A Boro-inspired textile piece

 We Provide: All equipment

What you need to bring: We will provide all the materials and equipment, however, if you have any preloved fabrics (clothes, bedding, scraps etc) that you would like to include in your piece, please feel free to bring them along.

Timing 10 – 1pm
Cost: £35