Sewing Collars and Cuffs

This is a skills based workshop aimed at students who want to start taking their dressmaking a bit more seriously. It’s the beginning of the journey towards finer dressmaking details and grasping some tailoring basics. Once you have made some basic items and you have reasonable confidence on your machine you will be keen to work on some more adventurous projects, and you are going to come across collars and cuffs.

Skill Level
Confident Beginner

What you learn:
Understanding different types of collars, collar stands and cuffs
Stay stitching and clipping to achieve perfect results
Sewing turning through and top stitching
Buttonholes (we touch on this as its part of but we don’t go into a lot of detail/we expect students to have made a machine buttonhole but we also touch on couture finishes)

What you make:
Samples of a standard collar, stand and also attached cuff to a sleeve (calico samples to take away as reference)

We Provide:
All materials for this class (but you are welcome to bring your own fabric projects if you have started something with this in mind)

Times: 10 – 4pm

Cost: £50 and Max in a class 6