Beginners - Sewing Machine Drivers' Licence

A short workshop to get start you on your sewing journey

Learn to use a Sewing Machine in this fun and really original one-off workshop, and begin your sewing journey.

It does not matter if you do not have a machine (Yet!) this is aimed to get you right on track and you will leave wanting to sew SEW much! In our 3 hour class we:

  • Explain all the basic bits of the machine
  • Learn How to set up and thread the machine
  • Learn the basic stitches you need to sew in straight   lines, pivot and turn corners
  • Use some of the decorative stitches
  • Using our skills we make a simple project

We highly recommend that this is your starting point for your new sewing journey. Once you have this workshop under you wing you will be able to step into our Beginners Courses with confidence that you know how to handle your machine.

What our customers love about this course is that you meet people who are the same level and who are just as keen too!

At the moment we run the course every few months but we hope to make them a regular feature for both daytime and weekends so please bear with us.

Cost £40 per person includes materials.