Shadowbox Diorama

This project looks at the tradition of making sculpture in boxes. In this class our theme is the joyful celebrations of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos. Colours and shapes collide in an exciting vibrant mass of texture and form!

The project pays tribute to the work of American artist Joseph Cornell who created whole worlds in boxes. In the class you will decorate your own box that will become the container into which you will create your own ‘world’. This tradition of dioramas allows you to let our imagination run wild and to create our own universe which will then be yours to take home.

What you learn:

You will learn to use materials in a careful and resourceful manner allowing your ideas to develop from concept into a 3 dimensional piece. You will have fun using your imagination and develop your creative confidence as you are guided in choosing elements in response to the theme. You will learn to problem solve and be creative in your use of recycled material, learn paper manipulation to make beautiful quilled flowers and colour to create backgrounds, you will learn how to compose a sculpture made from a range of found objects and your own creations and other embellishments to create an exciting mixed media 3D collage which showcases the beauty of these techniques.

 What you make:

Shadow Box Diorama

 We Provide:

All the materials are included but please feel free to bring things you would like to add to this


2 hours

 Cost: £25