Teens Party Bum Bag workshop

The bum bag is back (parents might remember its formidable presence in their lives around shell suits and weekend parties before kids!) This years very on trend bag accessory super perfect for this years crazy party season…everyone wants one and now you can make your own personalise it and #BEUNIQUE or make it as a gift #KHYGREATGIFT We think you are going to love this class

 Skill Level:

  • Teens improvers (need to know how to use a machine and have made a few projects

What you learn:

  • Using a pattern and pattern pieces
  • Bag making skills and materials
  • Some basic knowledge about materials and equipment
  • Sewing in zips and using reinforcement techniques

 What you make: This season’s on trend bag (choice of fabrics available)

 We Provide: All materials and equipment and the pattern you can use again.

 Time: 3.5 hours

 Cost: £30 per person