Teens Sewing

Just the best class to get your KEEN TEEN into or improving SEWING SKILLS!

Mostly sewing on the machine but with a little bit of hand sewing involved. We take a White shirt and REPURPOSE it, changing buttons/adding a new collar/cuffs and tweaking the shape all while advancing their sewing skills on the machine and by hand.

Skill Level:

Suitable for total beginners and those who have a little bit of experience hand or Machine sewing
• Absolute Beginner
• Beginner

What you learn: 

• Basic sewing machine skills and diagnostics and some advanced functions on the machine if at a suitable level for this
• Information on Patterns and where to start
• The Repairs and Alterations STATION (an area set up to educate on some top tips and skills for keeping clothes updated and in good condition)
• Hand Sewing skills
• Top tips for using sewing to update and repurpose items

What you make: 

Samples and a repurposed shirt

We Provide:

All materials

Time: 10 – 3pm (5 hours 30 min lunch break bring your own and we provide drinks and biscuits for keeping you energised)

Cost: £45