Learn to stitch a Japanese Temari Ball in this relaxing and creative class!  

Learn to stitch a Japanese Temari Ball in this relaxing and creative class!

Temari Balls are beautiful, intricate embroidered thread balls.  They make super gifts, ornaments or festive Christmas Tree decorations!

We have teamed up with Ubie from UbieDesign.com for this new class! The class is available at KHY in the Mansion or UbieDesign in West Dulwich

The class is suitable for kids 10+ and adults

Skill Level: Beginner

What you learn:

In this introductory class we teach you all the tips and tricks to create your own beautiful Temari Ball!

– We explain all the tools and threads you will need

– We start by building up the thread ball

– Next, create your thread stitch guidelines

– And stitch stich, stich to create a star and equator design!

– You will learn some of the techniques to build up more complex designs

 What you make:

You will create a tennis ball sized Temari Ball!

You will learn the key skills and complete the star and middle equator design.   Depending on your progress you may complete second star for this introductory design, but if not, don’t worry, you will have all the materials and skills to finish up at home!

 We Provide:

All materials are provided including a wide range of coloured thread so you can produce a design that suits your eye’s preferences!

Time: 4 hour class

Cost: £50


All bookings for this class will be administered UbieDesign!  You can see more about the class and book here: