Time Travellers Pillow

The cushion for time travellers

The time travellers pillow is for those of you who love traveling or dream a lot about traveling…just like most of us have for the last few years ! so we had a lightbulb moment and thought heh we don’t we design and make a pillow that will transport us anywhere we want! Of course that invention is taking us longer than we thought and as we actually don’t have any magicians on the sewing team (although many of our clients do believe we are sewing magicians). We have created in the meantime the perfect cushion/pillow to take with us anywhere complete with handles and secret pockets this is really the perfect cushion for days out, friend meets and of course holidays away. Be wary no pets are stowed away in this perfect bundle of softness!

You must have completed your Sewing Driving Licence or equivalent to attend this class.

Skill level Beginners and improvers (ask us if you are not sure)

What you need: We provide all materials and equipment for this class.

You will be learning:

  • Cutting out a pattern
  • Joining fabrics
  • Applique
  • Adding pockets and handles

Class numbers:  8

Cost £30

Time 3 hours