Beginners Hoop Embroidery for Kids »

Embroidery can be one of the most satisfying and also calming crafts,  it can be done pretty much anywhere so this is a great skill to learn for when you are traveling or simply hanging around waiting for someone! No idle hands in this class, we teach a free style approach to using some basic stitches […]

Featured Class: Kids Sewing – Your First Skirt  »

This is all about project ‘getting ready’ for those lighter brighter day, family days out or hanging out in the park with besties! This super cute very on trend skirt is sassy and stylish. You will also be able to incorporate re-purposed fabrics into your skirt or add some very on trend decorations. All ready […]

Teens Sewing – Batwing Sweat Dress »

Easy to sew dress for all our teens age 11-14 sewing bees. If you love sewing and fashion this gives you a great addition to your skills. This garment is likely to be one of your favourite weekend outfits to relax in. We start by getting our patterns ready to size and then cutting, prep […]