Make a Paper Chandelier for Kids and Teens »

Paper chandeliers originate from Poland and are called Pajaki which means spider. These joyful looking and artful mobiles are fun to make and can look great anywhere in the house. We have created a simplified version for you to create in a few hours using a simple selection of materials. We welcome parents joining their […]

Tie Dying for Teens 11-14 years »

The Teens will love this fun and not so messy approach to tie dye in which we get to have fun with a unique method using ICE (hope its not too HOT) Tie Dye is one of SUMMER 2019 hot themes in fashionand we love this approach to making it  totally cool, quick and super […]

Sweat Top Sewing Hack for Teens 11-14 yrs »

A fast paced afternoon of adding and hacking re-creating a fashion #runwaystyle sweat top. In this class you create and fashion your own styled top.    What you make: Using a pre-made sweat top you will re-purpose and re-create your very own design and on trend lace insert or camp patch top   You will […]

Tie Dyeing for Kids 7-10 years »

The kids will love this fun and not so messy approach to tie dye – one of Summer 2019’s hot themes – it’s everywhere in fashion and we love the approach to making this totally cool technique quick and super easy by using Tulip One step kits we create some awesome effects. Feel free to […]

Positive Vision Board Creative Workshop for Kids & Teens »

Great Days Only are a positive development movement helping kids fulfil their dreams through a creative umbrella of different products and services including vision board workshops to personal development and mentoring. Our vision board workshops aim at bringing out your child’s inner artist or designer by creating a  vision board. The mood board  is a […]