A warm hello and some sewing news

Hello and happy new year, I know it’s late and I can’t believe we are already in February. My last blog post and newsletter was a while ago but I make no apologies for the time-lapse because I know you all understand with the disappointment of another lockdown.

We will be online via Zoom for 90 mins to answer your questions give you some help and guidance and talk sewing stuff – if you just want to join to listen in that’s ok.
Sewing Surgery – Friday 19 February, 7 pm
Knitting & Yarn-based Surgery – Friday 12 March, 7 pm
Sewing Surgery – Friday 16 April, 7 pm

For Kids and Adults, we have a little something for you a limited edition sewing kit. Call him what you like, we call him Fred Frog.
The kit will be available to be shipped last week of February. Cost is £5 just to cover postage and packaging and includes the pattern, designed by us, the instructions and fabric. The frog can be sewn by hand or by a sewing machine.

A personal note from Jane
I know my universe is tiny and my problems insignificant, I truly admire anyone juggling work, home life, kids’ schooling and so many other things. Last week we lost one of our most cherished champions someone who made me smile and reminded me of my own lovely Father, lost amid this year of Covid, Sir Captain Tom. My heart sank when I heard the news and like many, I shed a tear because I wanted him to be there on the other side, he has truly served his time here on Earth and helped us through this difficult year, of course, he will be supporting from afar now! ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’.

So let’s talk sewing
Like many during this last year, I have had some difficult days and struggled to be positive and get going, but I bounce back and realise how lucky I am, I have sewing to escape to. Sadly, I’ve not been running up numerous dresses that would be a tad over the top at the moment considering we are not going out!

So what got me creatively thinking is how our lifestyles have so drastically changed in the last 12 months, many of us working from home, teaching and juggling office work in one space. It’s bedroom to office in a few steps and if you are like me, our clothing habits have changed. Simply most of us do not need power suits or formal clothes, the coats and the heels. I’ve observed on my daily walks how different we look these days, trainers, walking shoes, wellies, leggings, tracksuits, puffa coats and jackets.

This has so quickly put pressure on the fashion industry and trends for 2021/22. Wider and looser cut clothes are on trend and we are moving from the tighter-fitting styles to the more relaxed fit (great news for you beginner dressmakers!) Over-sized sweaters, boxy blouses, and flowing dresses replace those skin-tight knits and curve-skimming tops. Yes, our lifestyle is directly dictating fashion’s next moves and now so many more brands are rising to the challenge that sustainability are key to getting our attention.

Of course, the counter effect of all this is we are desperate to don the jeans and a fitted t-shirt or get glammed up! Regency style is set to rock in 2021. Netflix’s Brigderton has hopefully inspired us to throw off the sweatpants. One of the biggest trends includes corsets, empire line dresses, feathers and puff sleeves – our sewing skills will be going all sweet and romantic.

Finding inspiration
At the Hill House the big seasons hit is the NAP (who would ever come up with that name is genius). So easy to sew too and who knew the perfect blend of homestyle and dressing up would get us wearing smocked tops.

If you’re looking for some quick options for a NAP style dress we have a few ideas here to get you started.
We like Sewing Mag’s pattern a simpler version but you can add your twist and start being creative with a bit of freestyle!
One of my favourites for this year Cynthia Rowley’s smocked bodice dress
My favourite is the Friday Pattern Company’s Wilder gown
Folkwear has a very authentic Empire dress pattern for the adventurous.

For your fabrics look for lovely Liberty-style florals soft pastel crepes and lawns
Dragonfly Fabrics Cotton lawn and poplin
Fabric Godmother cotton poplin
Alice Caroline fabrics
Fabrics Galore
New sewing classes
We are gearing up for Spring and hoping to open our sewing rooms some time after the clocks go forward so hopefully the sun will be sending some lovely rays our way again.

2021 exciting, new-style classes:
A Beginner’s Capsule Wardrobe Collection
The corset, for more experienced dressmakers (draft and fit to size, pattern provided)
A new kids’ pattern range and hopefully lots of what we love doing
Our beginners’ sewing classes are in for some new treats!
All our love
Jane and the Sewing Team