It’s time for Spring Sewing

Make February fabulous and sew your way through the year with our growing range of classes and courses suitable for all levels and some nice new additions making a reappearance for Spring.

This month is already nearing its end and the sewing school is just at the footsteps of a new term, this is one of our most favourite times of the year. Just this week walking through the park we have witnessed the first flush of spring flowers, beautiful crocus and tiny little snowdrops surfacing. I always feel more hopeful and positive when I first see this in my own garden and my energy levels usually have a surge too, which of course means I get inspired about sewing projects and discovering new things.

As you can see in the pictures featured below I am already starting my spring garden overhaul and dressed for the task in my new Apron dress from The Assembly line patterns which I am excited to announce we have a course scheduled starting on the 21st April along with lots more to entice you all to join us sewing this Springtime.

We hope to see you very soon.

Much Love

Jane and the Sewing team