Pottery Craft Party

During your party you will be given the skills to create your own animal pinch pots. Each will be shown the basic techniques involved using clay to make the basic form. We will then let our imagination flow as we explore how to make a selection of different animals and how we can sculpt the […]

Macrame Necklace & Bracelet Craft Party

oes your child want to celebrate their birthday party with their friends and make something beautiful! Would they like to make something that bonds them with all their friends in this special day! This 2-hour birthday party workshop will tick all the boxes for your child and their best friends it is perfect for a […]

Sewing Bee Party for Kids & Teens

Our sewing bee party will entertain the birthday girl or boy and keep their guests totally engaged for 2 hours learning how to use a sewing machine. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a birthday just gather your friends and enjoy learning a new skill for a social sew. Great for transition back to school. […]