Macrame Necklace & Bracelet Craft Party

Does your child want to celebrate their birthday party with their friends and make something beautiful! Would they like to make something that bonds them with all their friends in this special day!

This 2-hour birthday party workshop will tick all the boxes for your child and their best friends it is perfect for a teens party too !

In this macrame workshop we will teach them how to make a necklace and a bracelet or a Planter with some basic macrame knots.

Our macrame cotton rope is made of 100% recycled cotton that has been ecologically repurposed from excess cotton from the fashion industry.

Skill Level: 

  • Adventurous Beginner

 What you learn: 

  • Three macrame basic knots.
  • How to create a bracelet and a necklace with recycled cotton cord or a Hanging planter
  • The theories and therapeutic uses of macrame to support your mental health and psychometric nervous system.

What you make: 

They will take with them a beautiful necklace and a matching bracelet for all of them to wear or a Plant hanger plus container

We Provide: 

They will get provided all the macrame cords for them to finish their project together. All tools to make them will be provided for them to use during the workshop.


2 hour workshop

 Cost: Party up to 6 kids £220

Per extra child (max 8 in class) £30 per extra child