Pottery Craft Party

During your party you will be given the skills to create your own animal pinch pots. Each will be shown the basic techniques involved using clay to make the basic form. We will then let our imagination flow as we explore how to make a selection of different animals and how we can sculpt the features which make up the elements of the animals we love best. Use your humour and imagination to give each animal a unique and amusing expression which will be yours to take home and keep forever!

What you learn

You will learn to make sculptures using clay and other materials in a careful and resourceful manner allowing your ideas to develop from concept into  3dimensional pieces. You will have fun using your imagination while learning to channel your ideas to sculpt your own creations which will be a unique and lasting collection of your own clay sculptures.

What you make

At least one pinch pot animal per guest.

We Provide

All materials including clay, and instructions to paint at home once dry.

Time 2hrs

Cost: Party up to 6 kids £140 or Party up to 8 kids is £165