About KHY

In a world of modern technology and instant gratification, our expectations of finding quicker ways of doing things and buying off the shelf solutions has pushed traditional skills like growing, cooking, making and mending down the list of our priorities.

KHY founder, Amanda Litster, is passionate about children and adults being able to do more for themselves and that acquiring or re-learning these traditional skills will stand them in good stead for the future. Not only are these accomplishments  practical and resourceful but they provide a sense of achievement that’s immeasurable and incredibly rewarding.

KHY is our brand for teenagers and adults.We also run fun and enjoyable classes around life skills for younger children through our Splatter Make brand.

Our Creative Director Jane Doxey

Jane started her career working in product design and development for Liberty of London and went on to be a Creative Director at one of M&S primary suppliers. Jane is super talented, passionate about sharing her worldly knowledge and on top of that her approach to students is infectious; they just want to learn, learn and then learn some more!