Weaving for Kids »

Weaving is fun and great for using up all those odds and ends and scraps of wool, fabric and lace remnants and even paper can be used. A very sustainable and Eco practise and the makes can be used for so much. This workshop is an introduction to the basics of weaving with a fun […]

Featured Class: Make a Macrame Plant Hanger »

Do you love the outdoors but lockdown has allowed you to enjoy it as much? Bring the outdoors indoors by creating this beautiful Plant Hanger with the ancient and therapeutical practice of macrame. In one and a half hours, we will be creating this beautiful piece using 3 classic macrame knots. All cords supplied are […]

Learn to sew a Cross Body Bag »

We are excited to launch our re-designed messenger bag, meet the Cross body bag which we have been working on to improve. This is a great make for anyone with a little bit of sewing machine experience, and ready to make something a little bit more complicated. The Cross body bag is fully lined with […]

Embellishment & Applique for Teens »

This class is for Kids aged 11-14 years, with some experience under their belt sewing and using a machine. We have created this class towards mostly techniques to enable learning with some really useful skills for enhancing sewing projects. This class will give you some insight into how to make your projects look more professional […]

Featured Class: Cushions & Trimmings »

Everybody loves cushions, but often not the prices of them. Here is your chance to learn everything you need to know to make them affordable and exactly to your design. You will be learning about zips/buttonholes and making your own patterns and inserting trimmings. Skill Level: Suitable for those who have some basic sewing experience […]

Featured Class: Sew your first patchwork cushion »

Want to improve your skills and learn some new techniques? This is the perfect ‘next steps’ class to follow your Sewing Machine Driving Licence. This workshop is super simple and teaches you how to cut your own pattern, join fabrics and sew buttonholes.  Extending sewing skills and learning techniques that can be applied to your […]

Learn Tapestry Cross Stitch »

Tapestry cross stitch is a brilliant way to start learning how to hand stitch. You can choose between Meow cat or Nibbles the bunny both waiting to meet you in this great beginners hand sewing Tapestry cross stitch workshop. This is a ‘Learn To’ sew class.  Our hand sewing expert will guide you through the […]

Chunky Knit Easter Bunny »

This is the perfect beginner workshop, but also super fun if you can already knit a bit as the project is so eggstreamly cute (we like making up new words!) Knit your cute bunny on chunky needles so its quick to make and then shape and make and stuff the bunny boy or girl ass […]

Featured Class: Kids Sewing – Your First Skirt  »

This is all about project ‘getting ready’ for those lighter brighter days, weekend outings/festivals/family days out or hanging out in the park with besties. This super cute very on trend skirt is sassy and stylish. You will also be able to incorporate repurposed fabrics into your skirt or embellish. Get your wardrobe summer ready with […]

Garment Repair and Restore   »

Hand sewing workshop which teaches you all the essential skills and techniques to repair garments and fabric items. We teach you how to approach the most common repair problems and undertake basic alterations which you may often pay a fortune at the dry cleaners. Hemming skirts and trousers, repairing rips and holes in fabric items, […]

Dressmaking Patterns Taster »

Join us in this introduction and guide to dressmaking with patterns. We explain and guide you on the different types of patterns available, looking at traditional Paper patterns and the current available options for Digital downloads. We also explain what the difference is between Pattern cutting and creation and commercially made patterns. Plus we give […]

Kids Stitch Club »

Our kids after school sewing clubs ‘The Stitch Club’ are one of our most popular courses and growing every term in attendance. In these classes kids work on a range of textile sewing projects, mainly on the sewing machines but we mix it up and add in hand sewing skills and a few other sewing […]

Absolute Beginners Learn to Sew Course »

This is the perfect course to start your sewing journey, over the course you gradually build up your skills, techniques and knowledge. We teach everything you need to know to be able to confidently sew basic projects and complete simple dressmaking. Skill Level: Beginner Suitable for those who have never sewn before or have lost […]