Eco Warrior – Sew a Cactus »

There is nothing spiky about our decorative Cacti, soft and squishy and oh so pretty.  A cactus is a unique eco plant with special tricks to help it survive in the desert.  This is a great class to learn creative and decorative sewing tricks to your projects and make something fun to display or gift. […]

Meet the Mansion Friends – Sew a Cloth Kit Doll Workshop »

Meet the Mansion Friends Clarence/Bertha/Felix/Elvera and Meryl!  Cloth Kit Dollworkshop Make one of these fabulous tea towel cloth kits from Artist Sarah Young. This is our first collaboration and we know you will love to make these and possibly start a collection. A really super project for beginners and very satisfying. This trend started in […]

Pet Planet Pottery Fabulous Fish »

Pet Planet Fabulous Fish Using clay you will create a shoal of glorious swimming fish. This is an introductory pottery class using traditional hand building techniques and a great class to get you started on a new hobby. The class consists of clay making the fish and learning lots of decorative mark making and techniques. […]

Pet Planet Pinch Pottery Meadow Bunnies »

A hand building workshop for those who want to experiment with Clay if you loved the LOVEBIRDS this one would be a great addition to your collection. This is an introductory pottery class using traditional hand building techniques to create two cute bunnies from the park Warren. Skill Level: Beginners and improvers What you learn: […]

Featured Class: Pet Planet Arts & Crafts – Bird on a Wire »

An opportunity to explore your creativity with our mixed specialist Marina Beard. Join us for a morning of textile art and hand embroidery to make an adorable singing songbird who delicately perches on her perfect trapeze. Using our treasure chest of Nik-Naks and vintage finds you will love collating and curating this exquisite addition to […]

Pet Planet Pinch Pottery – Lovebirds »

A whimsical workshop for those who want to experiment with clay for the first time. This is an introductory pottery class using traditional hand building techniques to create a charming pair of Adorable Lovebirds. Skill Level: Beginners and improvers What you learn: Forming a pinch pot skills and techniques Joining and forming additional shapes to […]

Circus Camp – Hand Embroidery Initials »

A great introduction to the art of hand embroidery for kids and teens. This is a beginner’s class where we show you how to design and transfer your initials from image onto fabric and then using appliqué another great sewing skill we hand embroider to a backing fabric creating a beautiful piece of hoop art. You […]

ECO Warriors – Sew Fabric Storage Pots »

This is a perfect follow on class if you have recently completed your Driving licence and want to get some practice sewing and combining different fabrics, we will be giving you options to use UPCYCLED fabrics from our stash WASTE STATION and be creative with adding pockets and loops to add your own fun twist. What […]

Cottage Core Sew a Maxi Dress for Teens »

This year we are celebrating a fashion aesthetic which is all about an idealised Natural life….2020 shot us a terrible blow kids and teens have had it tough but so have their families. In the days that have past we have all started to feel nostalgic, memories of days baking with Nan and crafting with […]

Sew your First Dress for Kids »

Our next steps First Dress workshop for kids is a brilliant follow-on class after you have had a little bit of basic sewing experience its tailored to suit anyone from 7 to older kids too, as we can upscale it a bit to suit the slightly older kids or with slightly more experience, we can […]

Weaving for Kids »

Weaving is fun and great for using up all those odds and ends and scraps of wool, fabric and lace remnants and even paper can be used. A very sustainable and Eco practise and the makes can be used for so much. This workshop is an introduction to the basics of weaving with a fun […]

Learn to sew a Cross Body Bag »

We are excited to launch our re-designed messenger bag, meet the Cross body bag which we have been working on to improve. This is a great make for anyone with a little bit of sewing machine experience, and ready to make something a little bit more complicated. The Cross body bag is fully lined with […]

Featured Class: Sew your first patchwork cushion »

Want to improve your skills and learn some new techniques? This is the perfect ‘next steps’ class to follow your Sewing Machine Driving Licence. This workshop is super simple and teaches you how to cut your own pattern, join fabrics and sew buttonholes.  Extending sewing skills and learning techniques that can be applied to your […]

Featured Class: Kids Sewing – Your First Skirt  »

This is all about project ‘getting ready’ for those lighter brighter days, weekend outings/festivals/family days out or hanging out in the park with besties. This super cute very on trend skirt is sassy and stylish. You will also be able to incorporate repurposed fabrics into your skirt or embellish. Get your wardrobe summer ready with […]

Tie Dying »

Kids &  Teens will love this fun and not so messy approach to tie dye in which we get to have fun with a unique method using ICE (hope its not too HOT) Feel free to bring something that you might like to tie dye, we will be showing you how cool it is to […]