Sewing and Dressmaking Club

Meet sewers, improve your sewing skills and get advice with your dressmaking

This class is for students who have completed one of our absolute beginners courses or workshops or a similar class elsewhere and want to learn and improve their sewing skills. This course is particularly aimed for dress and garment making. It is suitable for all clients from age 16 years. Suitable if you are at a confident or adventurous beginner or at improver level and need help and guidance improving your skills and techniques.


The joy of making your own clothes is strongly enhanced by the fun of finding patterns you like and which suit your own personal style and fit.  So we want you to bring your own pattern to these classes.

If you are just starting to make clothes we suggest a few options for you  here.

The Utility dress Zoe or the Cocoon dress from Simple Sew patterns are great first makes and they suit most people. or a great First skirt pattern Dominique from Tilly & the buttons both these companies have great beginners patterns. You will need to order your pattern try to buy your first pattern in Hard Format so delivered to your door not a PDF download. If you do not like the suggestions make sure you look for a pattern that has easy or very easy marked on the details. (You can always send us an email asking for our advice)

For the slightly more confident and adventurous, just let us know in advance so we can ensure the pattern is appropriate for your skill level.


Once you have the pattern you will need to check the pattern instructions for suitable fabrics for the version you are making. Again if you are really not sure and need advice then please call or email us with the pattern details. When purchasing fabric always check that you are buying for the correct size (look for the nearest measurements to your size , don’t ever go down a size if you are close always go up) make sure you are allowing for fabrics that might need pattern matching. We don’t advise new beginners to attempt this however. If the fabric has a nap/pile then again you must check the requirements for this on the pattern.

Always wash your fabric before arriving at class unless it is a specialist fabric and it requires dry cleaning services.


We advise you  purchase your own thread to match your fabric and also if it is a natural fabric like cotton or linen buy 100% cotton. We do have threads but they are general purpose. General purpose is ok if you are using a manmade fabric or a wool based fabric. Buy your interfacing if you can but we do hold stock of this in case you are not sure what to get as this can be a little confusing. Buy any matching zips, elastic and buttons with your fabric if you can so you get the best colour matches, always buy the best quality you can.

Finally we have lovely sewing machines and you are very welcome to use them, however if you wish to bring your own machine so you become more proficient with it please let us know in advance and do make sure it is in good working order, the teachers don’t have a lot of time to deal with complicated or technical machine problems.

Cost: £200

Class size is limited to 6 and we get booked up quite quickly!