Immersive Workshops

KHY’s immersive experiences offer children the opportunity to become a focal part of the action by taking on characters within a  theme chosen by the school. They join our actors who role play throughout the day to bring an experience to life.  For example, students can explore the lives of children in ancient Rome and Greece; what is was like to grow up in the poor houses in Dickensian London; or the challenges of being a child refugees or evacuee during World War Two.

Our  immersive experiences are inspired heavily by the literature the students are studying in class.  We draw from the arts to provide  a tactile, creative and  unique experience. Our aim is to complement curriculum subjects   create a vibrant alternative experience for  children who learn creatively and through ‘doing’.

KHY believes that immersive experiences allow children to develop their social and cultural understanding. They can explore and express emotions and feelings, develop their imagination and confidence, whilst having fun in a safe environment.