Sewing Bee Party for Kids & Teens

Our sewing bee party will entertain the birthday girl or boy and keep their guests totally engaged for 2 hours learning how to use a sewing machine.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not a birthday just gather your friends and enjoy learning a new skill for a social sew. Great for transition back to school.

We start with how to wind the bobbins and thread the machine and teaching how to sew in straight lines, make pivot and turns and experiment with different stitches. We will use practice sheets and once the basics are mastered it will be time to get the fabric out and start making their project, a really lovely and useful drawstring bag.

We include all materials and use of equipment and our bees get a certificate and take home their beautifully made bags that can be filled by the host with goodies.

Ideal for age 8+ to teens

Cost for up to 10 kids £300 include hire charge of room (this can be ours or one of the bigger rooms for the larger parties and depending on availability)

Cost per extra child over 10 is £25 per child up to 15