Crafting Your Sewing Intentions

Hello my sewing friends 
As we step into the New Year, now’s the time to reflect on the importance of resolutions and intentions in our sewing practice. In our last newsletter, we shared our sewing resolutions for the New Year, but today, I want to delve deeper into why resolutions and intentions are so crucial in our creative journey. Inspired by my yoga teacher, who calls it “crafting your intentions,” I’d like to explore the significance of intentions and resolutions and their impact on our sewing endeavors.
First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to Claire for sparking this thought-provoking question. What is more important: a resolution or an intention, and what is the difference? Let’s consider resolutions as something we often rush to create, feeling compelled to adhere to them strictly. However, as many of us have experienced, the initial fervour often fades, and by spring, we find ourselves struggling to maintain the momentum. 
On the other hand, an intention carries a different essence. It’s not a rigid mandate that demands daily adherence. Instead, it serves as a guiding thread, weaving through our days, subtly influencing our choices and actions. By nurturing our intentions, we keep the spirit of our creative aspirations alive throughout the year. 
In the realm of sewing, setting intentions can transform the way we approach our craft. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned seamstress, cultivating sewing intentions can enrich your creative journey and bring a renewed sense of purpose to your work. 
This week’s newsletter gives you a taste of classes kicking the New Year off and also an overview of classes coming up over the next few months to help you plan and work with some of those new intentions ! 
Have a great week and again a Happy New Year from myself all of the team at the Sewing School speak to you soon.
Jane and the Sewing team 

Absolute Beginners courses

Wednesday 10th January to 7th February 7 – 9pm 5 weeks 
Thursday 11th January to 25th January 3 weeks
Cost: £160
This is the perfect course to start your sewing journey, over the course you gradually build up your skills, techniques and knowledge. We teach everything you need to know to be able to confidently sew basic projects and complete simple dressmaking.