Easter Wishes from my tiny workroom in I-sew-lation

Let’s keep it together

Hi everyone welcome to Easter 2020, I am pretty sure in a few years time when we have got through this difficult time, we will be able to look this word up I-sew-lation and see it has pride of place in the Collins or Oxford dictionaries!

How are you all doing ? I know you are all on different levels finding this moment in time quite challenging, for some of us (and especially those of you who are Key Workers and on the frontline) all of our team at The Sewing School cannot in words express how much you mean to us and the risks you are taking we promise to give something back to you when we get back to business.

For all our beautiful Sewing clients thank you for your incredible patience and understanding we cannot wait to see you again very soon but in the meantime…..Let’s get down to some Sewing chatter, I know some of you are desperate to keep your creativity flowing and I have been working behind the scenes to find a way for us to keep connected with you. Each week I am going to be sending a short Newsletter and I will update my Journal here with information, links ideas and projects for you to keep busy.

If you didn’t receive our Newsletter and want to keep up to date, head here to sign up (bottom of the page) knowhowyou.co.uk

Last week we told you we collaborated with @trend_patterns  to download a free Face Mask pattern, this is a fantastic project to keep your skills honed and once you have mastered this make we ask you to make at least one for a key worker or a friend in need (even your local shop keepers will be grateful) I’m making some at the moment for my local post office workers and I will be posting pics on Instagram when I next visit at a distance !. I thought I would also mention that we have just sent out some lovely boxes for my Kids Stitch Club members, we are just experimenting with this as a sewing and craft box to keep kids and Adults busy with small projects, if You might be interested in one of these email us on info@knowhowyou.co.uk. Look out on Instagram this weekend for our Craft Culture club posts.

Other than making face-masks I’m keeping busy doing some vital organising and tidying up, I call it my Quarentine Big clear out! I Am currently sorting and creating a catalogue all my fabrics so I have an easy system to see what I have, I found in my stationary stash a set of cards with a ring and thought this would really work (a note book will work just as well). This is great because you can take the ones you are interested in and match up with other swatches and also you write what you used it for on the back too ! You could also make these out of card and an old keychain ring! I find I often don’t know what I have as fabrics get stock piled on top of each other and at the moment its not so easy to go out and shop ! hopefully you fall back in love with fabrics you didn’t know you had.

Just as a last few words before I sign off to find some Easter Chocolate and take my daily walk! If the Kids are looking for some Easter Crafting fun head to our Sister Companies Instagram feed @fabdabdo_ this Monday at 10am you can make a Jaberwoky easter egg really great fun and will keep them busy for ages !

Keep in touch keep connected post tag and share with us what you are doing we would love to hear from you and see you again here very soon.