Looking to 2022

An insight into some of next years plans! For a long time I have wanted to do more of what I personally love hand and machine embroidery! But have resisted because the focus had been on the bread and butter of a developing business – absolute beginners machine sewing and kids of course!

Now we are looking ahead to 2022 and the future plans are on track we will be running a number of new classes and courses around the subject of surface embellishment ranging from hand to machine embroidery and everything in between including hand painting and adorning fabrics and textile art media I’m super excited as this is where my heart truly is and I can’t wait to share these classes with you !

There will be something for everyone from true beginners through to anyone wanting to combine there sewing machine skills with a more arty approach to sewing ! We have already started our hand embroidery tasters half day intro classes to get you going and these will be added to in the new year including freestyle expression embroidery with just one stitch!