Sewtacular Half term

Hello there from a very windy Beckenham Place Park! 
Hold on to your hats, folks! 
We had our work cut out this week as the winds put on quite a show, with shutters clattering and doors banging. We really had to batten down the hatches! A big thank you to the wonderful staff at the Venue for helping us keep the workshop safe amidst the blustery commotion.
While the weather may not have felt much like spring, my trusty diary insists that it’s not too far off. And of course, our all-important half term is just around the corner. So, consider this your friendly reminder to get the kids booked in now, as spaces tend to fill up faster than a bobbin unwinds!
February half term always seems to sneak up on us, doesn’t it? But fear not, we’ve got some fantastic sewing classes lined up to keep the kids busy and creatively engaged. From sewing for newbies eager to learn the craft of 
using a sewing machine to the infamous Kids’ Sewing Driving Licence class (rumour has it, the test involves threading a needle in under 10 seconds!), there’s something for everyone. We’ve also got classes for kids looking to sharpen their skills and for tweens and teens ready to take their sewing game to the next level.
In the spirit of fun and creativity How do you make a sewing machine sound like a musical instrument ? 
Just press the “sew”and it will start humming ! 
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to help and provide      
guidance. Let’s make this half term a stitch-tacular one!
See you soon!
Best regards,
Jane and the Sewfabulous sewing team